At Triangle, we offer a range of consultancy services aimed at helping companies improve their performance and business efficiency. Specifically, we offer remuneration consultancy services and advise companies on how to implement the Equality Plan. We have experience in all kinds of sectors and with companies of any size, working professionally and closely with our clients, managing the organisation and scheduling quickly, adequately and effectively.


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Remuneration consultancy

Remuneration consultancy

At Triangle, we have a broad vision of the labour market as far as remuneration is concerned. Our consultants are on top of salary trends, which enables us to use our judgement to assess and advise the different candidates and clients with whom we work.

We classify salary ranges taking account of the position, sector and size of the business, and advise our clients in the search for talent to help them find professionals suited to the positions they offer.

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Why is it necessary to prepare an Equality Plan?

Organic Law 3/2007 of 22 March and Royal Decree Law 6/2019 of 1 March, for the effective equality of women and men, establish the obligation for all companies to “respect equal treatment and opportunities in the workplace...”. For certain companies, this law establishes the obligation to adopt measures through the implementation of Equality Plans in the company.

Preparation and implementation of the Equality Plan

Preparation and implementation of the Equality Plan

We provide the techniques and tools required for companies to implement their Equality Plan. We offer the legal advice that companies need and keep them informed at all times of the modifications or legal changes that are occurring.

Our knowledge of the labour market, and broad client base, means that we can propose tailored and up-to-date actions.

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Process logistics


Presentation of the proposal

The company’s HR Management / General Management together with the heads of business units, departments or managers involved in the Equality Plan submit the proposal.


Establishment of the Committee for Equality

This will be carried out in a face-to-face work session, of approximately 8 hours, for the selection of the members of the Standing Committee for Equality and formal establishment thereof, in the facilities that HR Management deems most appropriate.


Diagnosis phase

Presentation of the results to HR Management and the other members of the Standing Committee for Equality. Work session of about 2 hours in which to propose approaches and possible actions in each of the areas.


Preparation of the Equality Plan and implementation

Work session of about 4 hours with the Standing Committee for Equality for the selection of corrective and improvement actions, and establishment of a schedule for the development and implementation thereof.

What does the Equality Plan bring to your company?

  • Greater efficiency and profitability.

    HR optimisation. Better use of the qualifications, initiative and dynamism of employees, both male and female.
  • Improved external and internal image.

    The chance to use the Equality Plan seal designed by Triangle Talent in the company's image.
  • Greater competitiveness.

    Preparing the company for the future.
  • Greater prestige.

    Become a business model of social responsibility.

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