Temporary Work

The perfect solution for managing your temporary work needs with flexibility. We want to boost your productivity by offering quick and efficient solutions.

We’ll take care of everything so you don't have to worry about anything: we recruit, select, hire and put the right candidate at your disposal at the right time.


This solution allows you to focus on the core of your business by outsourcing auxiliary services.

We offer tailor-made solutions according to the activity and characteristics of the service, evaluating the necessary internal and external resources and adopting the most effective communication mechanisms. We are involved and committed— we’re a partner, not just another service provider. We put all our knowledge and experience at the service of the project. You will always have qualified personnel in ongoing training.


The solution to finding the right candidate for both, the position to be filled and for your company. We adapt the evaluation of the candidate’s skills, aptitudes and motivations to the needs of your company.

In our selection processes we combine the talent of our experts in personnel selection with the most innovative means of recruitment in the market, accompanying both you and the candidates throughout the process.


The solution for boosting the talent of your professionals and your company.

We know that no two companies or professionals are alike, which is why we offer training solutions tailored to the needs of our clients in order to develop the skills, abilities and capabilities of their teams (and thus, of the company) to the fullest, involving and mobilising all parties. We also have an online training portfolio with more than 500 sectorial and general courses.


Consultancy is the solution which allows you to improve the performance of your company and make it more efficient.

At Triangle we offer consultancy services for all levels of human resources. Our selection processes are guaranteed and are successful, and all candidatures will consequently be assessed with criteria in order to find the professional best suited to the position.

We also take care of the design and implementation of the Equality Plan in your business, providing all the techniques and tools required for it to be in compliance with the law and so it may be beneficial for your company.

Special Employment Centre

Our Special Employment Centre was created in 2005 with an eminently social-work oriented goal: the socio-labour integration of people with different abilities, providing and promoting their incorporation into the labour market and guaranteeing their rights, personal autonomy and economic stability.

Specialised in outsourcing services to companies, it develops tailor-made projects according to the activity, characteristics of the service and necessary resources, paying special attention to the training of personnel as well as preparing them to provide services in standardised companies, thus achieving total insertion into the labour market.