How we work


At Triangle we are specialised in offering Human Resources solutions that respond to the needs of your company at all times. Because not all companies are the same, nor do all jobs require the same skills.


Getting to know each other

We note your needs and define the objectives with you.


Recruiting, selecting and training

Depending on what you need and with a team just for you.



We put the people selected or the services contracted at your company's disposal, and you can forget about everything else.


Evaluating, always at your side

We keep a Consultant or a Team Leader in permanent contact with you.

We progress together with our clients. We support you in all the project’s processes, contributing value with our solutions.

Whatever your need, we have a tailor-made solution just for you.

Why Triangle?

Why Triangle?
  • Experience and reliability.

    Offering HR solutions for over 20 years. Accredited by a 99/100 solvency index by Informa.
  • Integration and Equality.

    We comply with and help you to comply with the General Disability Law and the Equality Plan.
  • Sectorial specialisation.

    We provide solutions in a wide range of business sectors.
  • Flexibility.

    We adapt to our clients’ needs.
  • Immediacy.

    We respond immediately to our clients’ needs so that their business does not stop.
  • Technology.

    At the forefront of digitisation, we incorporate all technological advances into our processes.
  • Team.

    Triangle is made up of individuals specialised in offering services with an average career of more than 8 years.
  • Closeness.

    We are at our clients’ side, with more than 40 locations nationwide.