Don’t be left with any doubts!

Send your CV to cv@trianglerrhh.es

Wait a bit and the account will be unblocked.

Yes, go into your profile and make the necessary changes.

Go into your profile and make the necessary changes.

Of course. Triangle will include you in its selection processes at no cost.

If you want to work with our Special Employment Centre you must have a level of disability equal to or greater than 33% and send us your CV.

The HR department will monitor you from the moment you join our platform, whether you are in our offices or in our clients' offices.

Depending on the type of work they do and where they are located, our employees enjoy a number of social benefits, such as: Life Insurance, Flexible Retribution (food tickets, medical insurance, transport card, day care, and training), discounts on products and services.

We respect your personal data according to the Spanish Law on Data Protection (LGDP).

If there is an offer that interests you, register; if you fit the profile, a consultant will call you to set up an interview; then the specific selection process for the job will begin.

The most common problems are usually associated with your email (confirm that it is correct), forgetting your password (you can recover it if needed) and certain data (check that it is all correct). If after checking all this you still have problems, write to us at info@trianglerrhh.es

Once you have signed up for an offer, you can call the consultant who is making the selection and follow up on the offer. You can also create an alert to be notified of offers based on your profile. We would recommend signing up for job offers so that your CV becomes part of our database.

We care about an individual’s development; for this reason we carry out any training that the employee needs.

You can visit our website and go to the Candidates section.

You can visit our offers section and sign up there.

Go to our employees section in the Private Area.